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Securely buy, sell, trade and store
gold that only you control

The Digital Gold Standard has arrived!
Introducing GoldCoin - an ERC-20 gold-backed cryptocurrency that is built on the Ethereum network. Purchase gold instantly in a safe, secure and anonymous method that gives you total economic control and freedom.

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First Ever, Fractionalized

GoldCoin is the first fractionalized gold-backed asset available for purchase directly in national currencies or cryptocurrency. Due to its fractionalized nature, you can buy any amount of GoldCoin at any time.

Gold is the universal currency for humanity and has stood the test of time over the centuries as the safe haven asset. It’s ability to preserve purchasing power in any economic condition puts it in a unique category that government-backed currencies cannot compete with. With the World once again facing financial instability, gold’s role in the global economic landscape once again takes centre stage.

1 Ounce of physical gold equals
1000 GoldCoins
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GoldCoin = 1 / 1000th of an oz of 99.9% pure gold

Every GoldCoin is fully backed by physical gold stored in our secured vaults. All of our gold holdings are fully audited for transparency and can be viewed at any time online.

Leading Tech

GoldCoin is a cryptographically secure ERC-20 stabecoin that is built on the Ethereum blockchain, powered by our own smart contract. This means there is no way to block or limit payments due to the immutable nature of blockchain technology.


GoldCoin is a private asset, meaning there is no identification requirement to purchase any amount of GoldCoin. Once the purchase is made you simply provide an Ethereum wallet address and your GoldCoin is sent to you.

Affordable Alternative

GoldCoin is a low cost alternative to owning gold the traditional way via your bank, while bypassing the time and paperwork related to owning precious metals in a storage facility.


GoldCoin is fractionaized to 1 / 1000th of an ounce of gold, ensuring that any budget can afford to own gold.


We serve as a liquidity provider to ensure customers receive the best prices on the market to serve any size of purchase.


You can redeem GoldCoin for physical gold in our vault at any time. GoldCoin is redeemable at a ratio of exactly 1000 GoldCoin per ounce of gold (99.9% purity).

Two-Factor Auth

GoldCoin requires users to perform two-factor verification during login, helping you protect your account from malicious third parties with both a password and your phone.


To safely store, buy, sell and trade GoldCoin you will need an ERC-20 supported cryptocurency wallet. GoldCoin (token symbol - GOLD) is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token and is thus compatible with all Ethereum supported wallets. We recommend the following wallets that support the ERC-20 standard:


Buy and sell gold instantly using Bitcoin

GoldCoin = 1 / 1000th of 1oz of physical gold, 99.9% purity. Purchase any amount of GoldCoin you wish, we fit every budget and there is no limit on the amount of GoldCoin you can buy or sell.
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