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We keep all of our physical, 99.9% pure gold in a secure vault with the highest security measures.
As we offer true redemption of GoldCoin for physical gold, the system we have developed ensures the highest amount of security and efficiency so you are able to take physical possession of your gold.

Both GoldCoin and our physical gold holdings are audited by professionals and these can be viewed below to ensure we go to the greatest lengths possible to provide you with a quality product.

Redemption process

GoldCoin is fully redeemable for physical gold (99.9% purity) in the allotments of exactly 1000 GoldCoin per 1 oz of gold. To redeem for 10 ounces of physical gold will require exactly 10,000 GoldCoin,

1 Ounce of physical gold equals
1000 GoldCoins
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How do I redeem my GoldCoin for physical gold?

Login to your GoldCoin account and then visit the Buy GoldCoin page.
If you don’t have any account yet, Sign Up here.
Initiate the redemption by sending us the amount of GoldCoin you would like to exchange for physical gold. The allotments must be 1000 GoldCoin per 1 ounce of physical gold.
Send your GoldCoin to the Ethereum address provided. Once we have received your GoldCoin your account will be updated with the pending purchase order. This will be visible in your account until the redemption process is complete.
You will be prompted to provide personal information to validate your identity within the account. This is done so that when you visit the GoldCoin storage facility in person we can ensure the account holder is the only individual authorized to take physical delivery of the gold.
Your account will be updated to provide you with information on GoldCoin’s storage facility (address and contact information). Please ensure you bring with you all supporting documentation on your identity when coming to the facility. You will also need to provide the unique purchase order # to validate the purchase order and take physical delivery of the gold.